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Information Design FAQ


This list of Frequently Asked Questions is a valuable resource if you are not familiar with the field of information design or its vocabulary.

What is information design?

Information design supports people and organizations to achieve understanding through the creation of relevant, clear and memorable information. It is the intentional process in which data-elements related to a specific domain are transformed in order to obtain an understandable representation of that domain.

What does an information designer do?

An information designer integrates various design aspects of an information solution focusing on its purpose, context of use, and media specific attributes in order to make a difference for people. The result is a solution containing clear, relevant and memorable information.

What is the competence of an information designer?

The information designer understands of how explicit business values can be synthesized into innovative information solutions, including:

  • Skills in concept development and design implementation.
  • Ability in design and solution development with additional expertise in a design field.
  • Diagrammatic sensibility with an orientation towards 'modeling'.
  • Experience in working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Visualization skills or the ability to leverage design resources to visually articulate models.
  • Sense of process and the ability to innovate on process tools and convention.
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills.
  • Experience in project and client management and in staff and business development.

What kind of deliverables does an information designer produce?

Example deliverables of an information designer are concept models, content maps, task analysis, user personas and scenarios, paper and interactive mockups and prototypes.

What to do when I do not find my question in this list?

If you have a specific question related to the field of information design, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will answer your question immediately.

Information need: A user requiring an answer to a (latent) question.

Information value: The contextual quality of a specific answer.

Mockup: A representation of an information solution with a low level of fidelity.

Prototype: A representation of an information solution with a high level of fidelity.

Style guide: A documented set of standards, guidelines and templates related to design fields involved in the creation of the user experience of an information solution.

Usability: The cognitive impact use of a particular information solution has on a person.

User persona: "A user archetype you can use to help guide decisions about product features, navigation, interactions, and even visual design." - Kim Goodwin

User profile: A document which identifies the needs, goals, and values of a target user group.

User scenario: A description of time-based set of user actions in order to achieve a preset goal.